Welding rotator MVr2

Rotator MVr2 intends installing a product in the position, suitable for welding, and rotating it under mechanized and manual control with welding of march speed.


Rotator ensures:

rotation of the product in both directions with welding and march speed;
possibility to change manually a sloping corner of the platen (up to 900);
possibility to remote control from the board, pedal and external device;
possibility of compressed air supply to the platen (by separate order).

Consist of:
- Mechanism of rotating with changing a sloping corner of the platen;
- Current supply assemblage;
- Control block;
- Operating console;
- Operating pedal (by separate order);
- Frame.
Technical dates:
Payload - 125 kg
Rotational moment - 63 Hm
Rotational speed - 0.4 ... 4.0 rpm
Canting angle of the plate - 0 ... 900
Nominal welding current - 500 A
Power supply - 220 V, 50 Hz
Main power - 250 W