Machine AS415 for MIG/MAG-welding of circular rotary seams

The AS415 unit is designed for automatic MIG/MAG-welding of the annular seam of the joint of the upper bottom with the neck of a fire extinguisher made of low-carbon structural steel.

The outer diameter of the bottom - 91, 115, 158, 180 mm;

The outer diameter of the neck is 32 and 38 mm.

Welding is carried out according to the program set by the controller.

In the plant, the manually assembled bottom and throat of the fire extinguisher move along a driven plate conveyor. The conveyor is equipped with cutters and a pusher, with the help of which the parts to be welded are fed to the welding position on the rotator. The welding torch is pneumatically fed into the welding zone. Together with it, the tapered stop is lowered, which orientates and holds the neck during welding. Welding is performed with overlapping of the beginning and end of the seam. After lifting the torch (together with the stop), another pusher pushes the welded product along the chute into the storage hopper.

Video of the machine on Youtube: