Machine AS354 for surfacing of cylindrical and conical surfaces

Machine AS354 intends for automatic MIG/MAG-surfacing of cylindrical and conical surfaces up to 2400 mm lengs sach as rotors.

The surfacing can be done with or without oscillation by a spiral

AS354 consists of:

- frame;
- mechanism of the linear movement of the torch (X);
- mechanism of the linear movement of the torch (Z);
- rotator of a detail;
- movable clamp of a detail;
- movable support of a detail, 2 pcs.;
- control system;
- operating console;
- set of welding equipment;
- pneumoapparatus etc.

AS354 peculiarities:
- A compact operating console;
- Contouring control of the movement of the torch along a linear path (forming a cylindrical or conical surfaces) with the required linear velocity of the tool and the circumferential speed of the detail, and parameters of torch oscillating;
- The programming of the trajectory "point to point", ie. the movement of the torch with a portable remote control at the beginning and end of the weld area, and automatic recording of the coordinates of these points in the controllers memory;
- A forming of 9 couples of coordinates for surfacing;
- A forming of 9 mode of a surfacing;
- Simultaneous control of 2 servo torch drivers and rotary drive of the product;
- A smooth control of welding parameters;
- A "hot" editing of parameters (speed, step,amplitude and period of oscillation, delay the torch at the extremes of the oscillation);
- A quick set readjustment for welding of details with different sizes.

 Video of the machine on Youtube: