Column AS408  for surfacing inner and outer cylindrical surfaces by MIG / MAG welding

The column AS408 intends for automatic surfacing of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces.

Surfacing method - MIG/MAG-welding with solid or flux-cored wire.

Cladding is done in a spiral or in steps with an adjustable speed.


The technical dates of AS408:

Diameter of surfaces to be welded 70 ... 1000 mm
The location of the welded cylindrical surfaces internal, external
Maximum depth of surfaces to be welded 700 mm
Maximum height of products to be welded 1500 mm
The torch movement during surfacing uniform in a spiral, stepped after turnover
Column rotation around the vertical axis ± 900
Turning drive asynchronous motor, frequency inverter
Vertical movement of the console 1500 mm
Console vertical movement speed 2.5 - 25 (150-1500) mm/s (mm/min)
Vertical travel drive asynchronous motor, frequency innverter
Horizontal movement of the console 1000 mm
Console horizontal movement speed 2-25 (150-1500) mm/s (mm/min)
Horizontal drive asynchronous motor,  frequency innverter
Vertical movement of the surfacing head 700 mm
ІSpeed of vertical movement of surfacing head 0.03-50 (1.8-3000) mm/s (mm/min)
Drive of vertical movement of the head servo drive
The torch rotation endless
The torch rotation frequency 0.1-5.0 rpm
Rotation drive servo
Manual horizontal movement of the torch by the corrector ± 25