Robotic system RK752 for welding of machine components

RK752 intends for MIG/MAG welding of carcasses of brake block for rail transport or another machine components.

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RK752 consists of:
- Industrial robot ArcMate, Fanuc, Japan;
- Control system;
- Turntable;
- Welding equipment of Fronius, Austria:
   - power source TPS, TSt, TPSi etc.,
   - cooling system,
   - gas apparatus;
- Welding equipment of A.Binzel, Germany:
   - welding torch with liquid cooling,
   - device of the torch protection from the breakage,
   - device of the torch automatic rectification and lubrication;
- Assembly fixtures for welding;
- Operator's console;
- Platform and column for the placement of the robot and turntable;
- Safety system.

Technical dates of RK752:  

Number of robot axis 6
Payload of the robot, kg 6-12
Repeatability of the robot, mm ±0.04, ±0,08
Motion speed of the torch, max, mm/s 2000
Number of in/out of the system (max) 22/24 (512/512)
Diameter of steel welding wire, mm 1.1, 1.2, 1.6
Payload of the turntable, kg 1000
Torque, Nm 200
Index number of turntable 2
Cycle time of turntable, s 2.1 - 4.0
Repeatability of the turntable on radius 500 mm, mm ±0.07
Overall dimensions of the cell, mm 6000х3000х3000

Peculiarities of RK752:
In the robotic system is implemented a process of the welding in one position with simultaneous loading-unloading of workpieces in an another position.
The system is completed as a cell that protects staff from detrimental effects of welding arc and foul gases. For safety it consists of optical safety fence.