Robotic system RK757 for multilayer surfacing on the rail end

The robotic system RK757 intends for multilayer surfacing on the rail end and the rail end of the crosspiece with a length of 1.000 ... 3.110 mm of a stainless steel layer up to 22 mm thick.

Surfacing method: arc surfacing by the SMT method in a gas mixture based on argon with a solid wire with a diameter of 1.2 mm.

The rail axis is inclined relative to the vertical axis by an adjustable angle of 10/20/30 degrees.

Surfacing is performed with forced formation of a side surface to be welded and with concomitant water cooling of the forming tools.

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Robotic system RK757 consists of:
- industrial robot ArcMate, Fanuc, Japan;
- control system;
- product tilter;
- set of welding equipment (Fronius, Austria):
  - welding machine,
  - liquid-cooled welding torch,
  - burner cooling device,
  - gas equipment;
- welding equipment of the company (A. Binzel, Germany):
  - torch breakage protection device,
  - device for automatic cleaning and lubrication of the torch;
- assembly fixtures;
- control panel;
- switching unit;
- platform and pedestals for placing the robot and product tilter;
- security elements.