NAVKO-TEH has many years of experience in creating robotic systems for arc welding. The first samples of the systems were created in the mid-90s, they work in production to this day. At present, NAVKO-TEH is a system integrator for FANUC (Japan).

The robotic systems offered by NAVKO-TEH for MIG, MAG and TIG welding based on industrial robots FANUC meet all modern requirements of ergonomics and safety - the working area of the robot is closed with a protective fence, the operation of the manipulator and welding equipment is blocked when opening the door, etc. The system can include a rotary table, which allows to combine in time the operation of welding and loading and unloading of finished products. In addition, rotators in each position or one- (two-) coordinate positioners can be used to provide the robot with access to the parts to be welded in different spatial positions.

To solve complex problems, the system can be equipped with vision systems, initial and current adaptation.