The robotic system RK759 for welding of frame products

The robotic system RK759 intends for welding of "Frame" or "Tower" type products with overall dimensions up to 3900 x 1750 x 900 mm and can be easily reconstructed for welding of similar products, the dimensions of which correspond to the service area of the robot, and the weight corresponds to the carrying capacity of the product rotator.

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Robotic system RK759 consists of:
- industrial robot ArcMate, Fanuc, Japan;
- control unit;
- robot linear movement mechanism;
- product rotator, 2 pcs .;
- set of welding equipment (Fronius, Austria):
  - welding machine,
  - liquid-cooled welding torch,
  - burner cooling device,
  - gas equipment;
- welding equipment of the company (A. Binzel, Germany):
  - torch breakage protection device;
  - device for automatic cleaning and lubrication of the torch;
- assembly fixtures;
- RTK control panel, 2 pcs .;
- metal structures (platforms, fencing, etc.);
- security elements.

Features of RK759:

The complex has 2 positions on which welding of products, pre-assembled on tacks at a separate workplace, is performed in turn. The positions are divided by a protective screen, which, during the welding of the robot in one position, allows the operator to safely load parts into the fixture in the second position.

The robot with the welding equipment moves along a linear guide along the workpiece to be welded and between positions.

The product at each position during welding is turned to the most convenient position for welding using a two-support welding rotator.

The unit for linear movement of the robot, product rotation, torch cleaning device, are mounted on a platform, a fence with a door is attached to the concrete floor.The robotic system RK759 for welding of frame products