Robotic system UDS749 fog arc welding of units of railway switches

UDS749 intends for MIG/MAG welding of units such as a "baseplate" and a "console" of railway switches . Length of welded joints - about 1 m, seam leg - 8...10 mm.

UDS749 consists of:
- Industrial robot RM-01 (PUMA-560) with the control device "Sfera-36";
- Set of welding equipment:
  - power source VDU506,
  - wire feeder,
  - cooling system,
  - welding torch with liquid cooling,
  - device of the torch automatic rectification and lubrication,
  - device of the torch protection from the breakage,
  - gas apparatus;
- Two rotator of welded products with ones canting possibility in four fixed positions (more acceptable for welding of each seam);
- Two control board of RTS;
- Platform and column for the placement of the robot and two welding rotators;
- Assembly fixtures for welding.

Technical dates of UDS749:  

Number of robot axis 6
Payload of the robot, kg 2.5
Repeatability of the robot, mm  ±0.1
Motion speed of the torch, max, mm/s 500
Memory of control device, KB 24
Information keeping  RAM, FDS
Number of in/out of the system  32/32
Diameter of steel welding wire, mm 1.6
Payload of the manipulator, kg 80
Repeatability of the rotator, mm ±0.15
Overall dimensions of the RTS, mm 5000x4000x3000


UDS749 peculiarities:
RTS arrangement supposes an alternating service two working place by operator (two product rotators).
Combining the operations of loading-unloading the products is realized on RTS on one position with their welding on another.
In each position, i.e. on each rotator, is installed on three fitted products on tacks.
Assembly fixtures possess a possibility of agility for welding of 8 product types.
Welding product time on each position – about 12 minutes.

Launching: in January 2000 on Dneprodneprovsk DSZ, Ukraine.